TERMS AND CONDITIONS...the fine print

I accept payment through paypal to sharlene@epicgeckos.com. With paypal you can either use your paypal account or a credit card if you do not have an account. Feel free to use my website shopping cart for purchase of your gecko.  For local pick up I accept cash or credit cards, using a square card reader.  
Payment plans are accepted and information can be found here.   All sales are final.  No exchanges or refunds will be issued.  Any hold deposit placed on an animal is non-refundable.


Shipping will vary per location. I am currently shipping overnight through Federal Express.  Shipping is available to the continental United States only.   I am located in Southeastern Michigan.
Animals are shipped overnight delivery which in most cases is guaranteed to arrive by 10:30am. Some locations may have a later arrival time. I only ship Monday through Wednesday as to avoid any potential issues that could carry over into the weekend.  I only ship if weather is suitable at both locations. I am more concerned with the higher temperatures than the lower.  The daytime high must be under 85 degrees in both my area, yours and the hub inbetween. I ship using secure insulated boxes and will use heat/cold packs as necessary.  I will absolutely hold and care for your purchase at no extra charge until the weather is acceptable for both of us. Safety of the animal is my first priority. After you have completed your purchase I will contact you to confirm your shipping address and coordinate a shipping date. Once shipped a tracking number will be provided.  If you have any issues once your shipment has arrived please contact me immediately.  

Arrival and Survival
I do claim that an animal will arrive healthy and as described.  I have heard that a gecko could perhaps drop it's tail during transit. I have not personally seen this happen but the potential is there. A gecko will sometimes drop their tail due to stress and if that has happened during the trip please do not be alarmed. This does not affect the health of the gecko. Your gecko will be fine. He may look a little different but I promise you he will be just fine.  A dropped tail is not part of my guarantee.  In addition to the live arrival guarantee, I offer a 15 day health guarantee.  This is void if you do not properly house, feed or care for the animal.  In the event of death from shipment or during the 15 day guarantee please contact me immediately.  I will work on getting you a replacement gecko or a store credit.