If you are looking to purchase a gecko on a payment plan, please see the instructions below.  Once you enter the payment agreement your gecko(s) will be placed on hold for you.  Smile..... An EPIC gecko will be yours shortly.


A 25% deposit is required for the gecko(s) you wish to place on hold.  You can use the coupon code PAYMENTPLAN to allow this at checkout.   You must also select IRELAND as your shipping destination so that the shipping fee does not apply at this time.   Please note that the standard shipping charge will eventually apply and will need to be paid in full to consider your payment plan complete.


The payment plan is non-refundable.  This plan is for a maximum of four weeks from the time you enter this agreement.   My standard terms will apply, which can be found here.  


All payments after the initial deposit are through paypal to sharlene@epicgeckos.com. Please put the name of the gecko(s) you are sending a payment for in the notes section. If you would like, I can also send you a paypal invoice. Email me at sharlene@epicgeckos.com the amount you wish to pay and I can send you the invoice which links through paypal for payment.


The payment plan itself is pretty flexible.  It honestly does not matter to me how much or when you pay during the four weeks.  I just require at the end of four weeks the gecko(s) including the shipping charge is paid in full.   If at the end of four weeks all payment has not been received then the gecko(s) held for you are released and any monies paid are forfeited.  Weather permitting you should be prepared for me to ship your gecko(s) once the plan is paid in full.


Have fun shopping.