I get asked this all the time.  I certainly don't mind in the slighest but the idea of my website is for customers to be able to purchase the gecko they want when they want to at a price they can feel comfortable with.   I have been in communication with someone and then the gecko we were talking about is purchased by someone else through my website behind the scenes.  Sometimes the geckos go fast.

So, the answer to that questions is yes, slightly.  I try and offer the prices on my geckos low to begin with.  I may offer a facebook contest now and then exclusively for those who follow my page, but otherwise I generally do not offer sales.  I am a shopper as well and although I do appreciate a sale, I am less comfortable with the mark up just to mark down eventually.

With all of this being said if you purchase multiple geckos this certainly does help me with box fees. For me personally a travel companion feels better financially against the shipping fee :). It is how I try and bring geckos in myself, at least two at a time.  Below is what I offer against what I feel is an already a competitive price.  Please feel free to use the coupon codes as listed below at checkout.