Well, let me start with my name is Sharlene and I am addicted to reptiles :).  I kept iguanas as a teenager but then there was quite a few years  that I did not have any reptiles in my life.  One summer day, I gave myself "permission" to purchase a snake.  Then one snake became many.  I spent quite a bit of time over those next few years hand selecting each and every snake I brought into my home.  In my search for snakes one day I stumbled upon a photo of a crested gecko and instantly fell in love.  I started actively looking for these geckos.  I had found a few here and there in the local reptile stores but they did not look healthy to me.  I ended up purchasing one from a lady off of craigslist and followed her instructions on care, which turned out to be totally all wrong.  Through internet research I learned the proper way to take care of these awesome little geckos and from there it became what it is today.  EPIC....

Epic Geckos LLC is licensed and owned by me.  Although I tell everyone this is my part time job,  I probably spend more time with the geckos than I do my full time, 40/wk job.  I really love working with the geckos.  I have been known to say hanging out in my reptile rooms is "my calm".  Yes, it is a lot of work but I love it.  I also truly enjoy offering these wonderful animals that are well kept, totally healthy and well loved to other reptile lovers.  I have seen a bunch of smiles and have received a bunch of awesome feedback and that is one of the reasons I keep plugging along.   Although I still have snakes and still hand select them all out individually,  I am now also hand selecting each and every gecko.  I have an amazing collection of geckos produced from some amazing breeders.  Each and everyday I am glad to be a part of the gecko community and I truly enjoy sharing my time with these awesome animals, they make me laugh every single day.